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  1. is socializing site for adults, who are into kink and who life a different type of lifestyle than the norm. It is not for everyone, only a few who have experimented have embraced the lifestyle, while others use it as a sex release as part of their sex lives. There more to the lifestyle thank just sex, even if sex does play a major role for some, for most it not about sex it about giving and taking control of ones behavior. I hope as you read this blog that you find a way to explore your own sexuality and see if this something that is missing from your life, @ you will find like minded people who can advise and guide you into the world of bdsm.

  2. Bird Soultaker says:

    I been to the site dungeonmasterkeeper, it is not a bad site like the layout it is has a different look that some social network sites. There aren’t too many good social net work sites for people who are into kink, bdsm, bondage or fetish lifestyle and most other sites intend to be porn sites which can be a turn off. There are other sites which cater to bdsm, bondage, fetish or alternative lifestyle only a few are good in my opinion. I usually go on these sites to interact with other members and learn more about a lifestyle that has been left out in the dark. For many years people never discussed alternative lifestyle let alone to admit that a normal person, would like be a submissive, would like to be spanked, like to be punished and some cases very extreme in nature and are not for the faint of heart. One may claim to be a master or mistress, which can lead to abuse and can lead to some serious problems, I have first hand knowledge of a friend of mine who in the 1980’s got involved in the lifestyle, online who desperately wanted to server and back in those days people took too many chances on the internet and meet people thy would normally would meet, this is one of those case, her online name was “cold” she meet her online master and had an online relationship when him which turned into a real-time relationship, she was after all married with children in her own way she wanted a new adventure in her life so she stepped out of her marriage into the arms of the one she would call “Master” sad part of it was I knew him too. They met in motels and other public places, which she always picked up the tab, and rung up her credit card and money she should have been spending on her kids. Sadly her master with whom she feel in love with also abused his authority over her as her master. Things he never told her about the drug use, the people he was sleeping with, strangers he meet online and at night clubs, which leads to “AIDS” back in the 80’s it killed millions of people world wide. It killed her master after he kept it a secret from her until it was too late she had contracted “AIDS”. She now had to tell her husband she had “AIDS” and it was from someone she was sleeping with for years, she had to face her children, she too towards the end left a poem and a letter to her children and apologize to them for not being there for them, not being able to see them grow up not being able to see them grow-up and have a family of their own, not being there to read to her grand children. Should never live to see the 1990’s she passed away and before she did she had written this blog to remind us all how fragile life is and in a blink of an eye you can loose it all.
    I wanted to share this story about a person, a life, a mother, a wife, who only wanted to live out her fantasy and paid it with her life.

    Bird Soultaker

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