All About Socializing

Why do we do what we do, we do it because it takes us to a place that makes us feel good about ourselves. When do we have a different view about the same topic, the topic no one want talk about in the open with people who many agree with your lifestyle. It today’s world you would think it would be alright to discuss alternative lifestyle in the open. So you liked to be spanked, tied to a post, so you liked to gagged and hog ties, have nipple clams and other restrains on you while your partner fucks you. You think about it but do you act upon it. Why go to extraordinary length to hid your lifestyle, your tough’s from friends and family, all for a very good reason “acceptance” of our behavior. What do you mean you like to drink piss and lick assholes and other fetish delight that makes your blood boil with pleasure and pain, we never talk out but we think it, but never act upon it because in normal society they will lock us up for behaving and thinking, many of us would loose our jobs, get kicked out of our families and kicked out of religious groups. It is one reason we form society or secret groups to life out our fantasy, it more common for social networks, such as fetlife, collarme, bdsm sanctuary, dungeonmasterkeeper, to name a few place one can socialize with other who think and behave in a lifestyle that has been a taboo of normal society. People in talk show act and behave like they have never heard of such things as bondage, latex, restrains, punishment, fire play, just to name a few. Late night while everyone is a sleep the fuckers roam the internet looking for place as the ones I mentioned to seek what they have been missing.

So welcome to and let fantasy and fetish take over your desires.

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