Birthday spanking

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3 Responses to Birthday spanking

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  2. Bird Soultaker says:

    This is very exciting, in the realm of BDSM and Bondage. Another side of bdsm we do not always get to see.

  3. bdsmdarkside says:

    What is BDSM, it is nothing if you do not already know it meaning or understanding? Some of it is novices play ground for players to use their misunderstand of BDSM to abuse or take advantage of those to are only too eager to please others. Is it right or wrong, there is no real answer, but harm yourself with the information and use it to your advantage to learn and understand bdsm. Their may different ideas on what is bdsm and who are these people who engage in this type of a life style. May join for many different reason, and that is alright as along as you understand yourself, and what it means to you. Many just thing is a type of porn expressing ones sexuality in a different way than the main stream people or couples, some thing it is 50 shades of gray some turn the nose at it because they do not understand it. It is about poer sharing between two people by both sexes they choose with whom they interact with socialize with and with whom if any they fuck. In the end it about pain, humiliation, pleasure and a good feeling about who you are.

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