Upside Down

Upside Down.

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Asslicking Cunt

Asslicking Cunt.

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Asslicking Cunt

I meet someone the other day after I saw a picture of them licking a beautiful ass-hole of another female. I was curious about it and asked her "is that you eating another girls ass and do you enjoy sticking your tongue in assholes. " I saw the tears running down her eyes and she said I am not a "lesbian". I then stated to her that I was not accusing her of being anything just wanted to know if you like to lick ass-holes and there is nothing wrong with it.

"She said she did not want anyone know that she is a closet lesbian and likes the taste of female ass-holes, she enjoys the scent and the taste of ass".

I said to her that was not too bad was it to admit your dark desires, the things you least expected to people to notice about you. I asked her who took the picture of her sticking her tongue so deep into the girls ass. She said it was her Mistress who too the picture of her two submissive sluts.

I understood that she had not choice because it was exciting and she was obeying her mistress who she said as the most sweetest ass she had ever stuck her tongue in.

I kissed her cheek and whipped away her tears and told her that her secret dark desire are safe with me.

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Welcome to Dungeon Master Keeper

Welcome to Dungeon Master Keeper.

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Why do we do what we do, there are many things in a D/s relationship that seem strange to people who do not understand what that relationship means.  There are many different variation to D/s relationship, for different folks it has a different meaning.  It all comes down to two people (adults) giving them permission to explore their desires and it does not matter what it is as long as it between two consenting adults.  When a submissive a collar in public and her or his Master or Mistress walks in front of them and the submissive follows behind them, most people in society will not understand they dynamics of the relationship between the two or more adults unless they have experience in that type of a relationship.

I believe that in D/s the submissive is a desire, a need and a want to achieve a certain level of comfort within themselves as well with whoever they  belong to. To have a purpose of belonging is a greater desire and also great pleasure in receiving a sense of being owned and protected by someone.


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Never stop trying, life can through you many curve balls and at time it might seem all is lost, but keep believing in yourself no matter what the odds are you have to believe in yourself before you can make other believe in you.  It is not going to be easy and it will take a lot of effort on your and sometime you might want to give on yourself but don’t if you don’t do for yourself no one else will do it for you, so keep trying and before you know you will be successful in everything you do including being the best submissive, the best mother, the best daughter, the best lover, the best friend and most all just being you.

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All About Socializing

Dungeon Master Keeper

Why do we do what we do, we do it because it takes us to a place that makes us feel good about ourselves. When do we have a different view about the same topic, the topic no one want talk about in the open with people who many agree with your lifestyle. It today’s world you would think it would be alright to discuss alternative lifestyle in the open. So you liked to be spanked, tied to a post, so you liked to gagged and hog ties, have nipple clams and other restrains on you while your partner fucks you. You think about it but do you act upon it. Why go to extraordinary length to hid your lifestyle, your tough’s from friends and family, all for a very good reason “acceptance” of our behavior. What do you mean you like to drink piss and lick assholes and other…

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